Some of the information below pertains to official policy and other information explains business practices and procedures:


1)  All media published on Kaltura (or anywhere on the web) should be ADA compliant/ accessible. Closed captioning is required.

2) Kaltura Mediaspace is registered and all users are expected to follow UWG Social Media policies (just as YouTube does).

3) The UWG Acceptable Use Policy, and the USG IT Handbook Section 5.14 on Copyright apply. See the USG IT Handbook, and this is the UWG AUP (Acceptable Use Policy)


How is Kaltura MediaSpace intended to be used?
Kaltura MediaSpace is a service available for hosting and delivery of media files by UWG faculty, staff, and (later) students for UWG-related purposes. Kaltura MediaSpace is not intended for media storage or archival purposes. If storage space becomes an issue, online programs, online courses, and key UWG UCM marketing media, will take priority.

  • Use Kaltura MediaSpace Integration with courses in D2L/CourseDen - to share with students only (by default)
  • Use Kaltura MediaSpace via a public facing website - currently read-only access has been granted
  • Summer 2017 - soft launch, only faculty/staff can upload via D2L Integration & only UWG Online, UCM, & ITS Admin can upload directly to the public facing website)
  • Fall 2017 - anticipated wide-spread use, hope to be able to allow students to upload via D2L Integration (depending on outcome of Summer soft launch)

How can I get media posted to the public Kaltura MediaSpace? (Kaltura Management Console)
UWG departments or groups that need advanced control over their hosted media can work with UWG Online to gain access to the Kaltura Management Console (KMC), at a later dat (Spring 2018).  This web-based interface provides delegated management of content to individuals within colleges, schools, departments and groups, including group based delegated administration to allow multiple people to share the management of the organization's content.

Can I upload whatever I want to Kaltura MediaSpace?
Users should comply with policies noted above. UWG does not routinely pre-screen, monitor, or regularly review posted content and associated data, yet reserves the right to remove, at any time, at its sole discretion, any content that it considers to violate these Terms of Use or the provisions of any other policies that may govern use of the campus networks, or that it deems in violation of a University policy or local, state, or federal law.

While Kaltura MediaSpace content can be delivered to audiences outside UWG, the service is not meant for viral videos that receive tens of thousands of hits. Please consider using an alternate video platform like YouTube (which is free and provides unlimited space to all UWG faculty, students, and staff). If a media item has “gone viral”, an alternative delivery platform may need to be considered. If you decide to host viral videos using YouTube, you have the option to embed those videos in Kaltura. Please see Kaltura Media Ingestion Tools for more information (instructions coming here soon or consult with UWG Online at 678-839-6248).

What format of video should I upload to Kaltura MediaSpace?
We generally recommend that you upload MP4 video to Kaltura MediaSpace. More detailed specifications can be found in Kaltura - Recommended Video Source Formats and Specifications (coming soon but generally the shorter the video the better (5-10 min).

How much storage is available to me?
While currently there are no formal storage or bandwidth quotas in Kaltura MediaSpace, users are encouraged to be mindful about the amount of media uploaded. The cost of UWG's use of Kaltura MediaSpace is partially based on the amount of storage and number of times videos are streamed. As a best practice, please regularly review your content and remove media that is no longer needed. For Media that is not currently being highly utilized, please consider using an alternate video platform like YouTube (which is free and provides unlimited space to all UWG faculty, students, and staff). Inactive files may be subject to removal.

How long can I keep my media on Kaltura MediaSpace?
Kaltura MediaSpace is not a repository for the permanent storage or archival of digital media. Currently, it is the responsibility of each user to monitor the active usage of their media and remove media that is no longer being actively viewed or used. For more information on how to monitor the active usage of your media please see Kaltura - Reviewing Analytics in MediaSpace Channels (coming soon) and Kaltura - MediaSpace Media Analytics (coming soon). For Media that is not currently being highly utilized, please consider using an alternate video platform like YouTube (which is free and provides unlimited space to all UWG faculty, students, and staff). Inactive files may be subject to removal.

At the time there is no regular removal of media from Kaltura MediaSpace. However, UWG is exploring options for potentially removing media based on usage patterns or age. Active users would be notified in advance of any removal policies that may be put into place.  It is highly recommended that the content publisher retain an original copy of the media content for archival and other purposes. For information on how to download the source file, please see Kaltura - Downloading Media (coming soon).

What happens to my media when I leave UWG?
If you are leaving the university, please delete media that is no longer needed. If you would like to transfer ownership of your media to another user, please follow this tutorial: Kaltura - Media Collaboration (coming soon). Files deleted from Kaltura MediaSpace cannot be restored.

Tagging media is highly recommended.
Tags are used to help you find media when searching. You should make tags as meaningful and relevant to the media as possible so that they will be useful in a search. And, you can add as many tags as you want. Tags can be a useful way to group your media. For instance, if you have several pieces of media for one course, it’s a good idea to tag them with the same course title or code so that they can be located together in a search.

Can I give other people access to manage my media and channels?
Yes. For more information about sharing access to channels, please see Kaltura - Sharing Access to Channels (coming soon). For more information about sharing access to your media, please see Kaltura - Media Collaboration (coming soon).

What do I do if I need help, have feature requests, or bugs to report?
Please contact UWG Online at 678-839-6248) with any requests for assistance, feature requests, or bugs.

NOTE: We are looking at developing a much more detailed guidebook similar to this one at Pace University.