1. Kaltura CaptureSpace video recorder not working?
    You may experience compatibility issues with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge due to Java being removed from these browsers. If you are attempting to use either of these two web browsers, but are experiencing difficulties with CaptureSpace, please use one of the following browsers.
    - Mozilla Firefox
    - Safari
    - Internet Explorer
    Note: Kaltura is actively working on a solution for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

  2. Issues viewing Kaltura videos on iPad/iPhone?
    In Safari on iPad/iPhone users may see an error message when trying to view Kaltura videos. The error message that users see appears because the browser they are using is blocking 3rd party cookies. To fix this issue:
    - Go to your device's settings and select Safari
    - Under Privacy & Security, select Block Cookies
    - On the next screen, select Always Allow

  3. Altering playback speed causing videos to restart?
    During playback at any speed higher than 1.0x (normal), Kaluta videos may periodically restart. This issue was introduced during a player update and will be resolved by the vendor in a later update. For now, if you experience this issue, just play the video at 1.0x (normal) speed.