Our Philosophy

At the Center for Teaching and Learning, our primary goal is to provide faculty with high-quality professional development and information about innovative techniques, research, and pedagogy so that they can foster engaged learning environments for their students. We support Student Success and Academic Success by helping advance faculty development, Partnership Success by building strong working relationships with both internal and external partners, and Operational Success by helping to create a workplace of choice for faculty members.

The CTL offers workshops, book studies, learning communities, and resources for engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Each Spring, the CTL hosts the Innovations in Pedagogy Conference, providing a forum for faculty and staff from across the university to share innovative teaching practices with their colleagues as well as methods for supporting student success.


UWG’s Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) will foster a culture of engaged faculty who are committed to innovative and effective teaching, pedagogical research, and professional development that supports high impact learning for students.


The CTL supports faculty by providing professional development that promotes effective, innovative teaching, scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), and collaboration across units and departments.


CTL goals support UWG’s strategic imperatives for student success, academic success, and partnership success.

  1. Increase student success by improving the quality of teaching across academic programs.
  2. Promote scholarship and research that improve teaching and learning.
  3. Support and facilitate collaborative faculty (and staff) learning communities that practice and recognize innovative and effective instruction in academic programs.
  4. Partner with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to provide professional development for staff, faculty, and the leaders of UWG on ways to engage in meaningful institutional effectiveness practices.
  5. Engage in meaningful unit assessment practices that are driven by data, continual improvement, and prioritization of resources aligned with the Center’s mission and vision.