Approximately 2 weeks prior to the beginning of each new term, registered students should receive an email from eCampus Administration, via your MyUWG email address, that will include very important info like how and when to login to GoVIEW, eCore's online platform, and how to get help.

If you do not receive this letter, please contact the eCore Help Desk at (678) 839-5300, or 1 (855) 933-2673, or by email

NOTE: Students cannot access courses until the official first-day of class. However, you will be able to login to GoVIEW, and, access the eCore Connections: Self-paced Tutorial course. So go ahead and log in to be certain that your username and password work.

If you added a course during late registration or drop/add, you will receive an eCore letter through your MyUWG email account within 24 hours after your registration date. If you do not receive this letter please contact the eCore Helpdesk via email or by phone at (678) 839-5300, or 1 (855) 933-2673.

Log In Instructions:

How to video: Log into GoView

Step 1: Go to the following web site address,

Step 2: Update your password.

Your username is the first part of your UWG email (everything before the @ symbol) followed by "_uwg".  For example, if your UWG email is then your GoVIEW username is jdoe1_uwg.

To set your password, you will need to click 'Forgot your Password' found right under the "Log In" button. Enter your username (don't forget the _uwg) and click submit. You will receive an email to reset/create a password. It may take a couple of minutes to get your reset email. Be sure to also check your SPAM folder.

You can also check out the Log into GoView instructions video.

Step 3: Click Login.

This will take you to your GoVIEW Homepage. This page includes links to all the courses in which you are enrolled. It also includes other vital info that you should review.

Step 4: Click "select a course" and then click on the name of your course. If you see any prior semester eCore courses, please disregard.

Resetting Your GoVIEW Password:

If you have password issues, you may access the "Forgot Your Password?" link directly under the login area on the GoVIEW site, When clicking on the "Forgot Your Password" Link, you will need to type in your username. The password reset link will be emailed to your campus email address. The email will be sent from

Please contact the eCore Help Desk via email or by phone at (678) 839-5300, or 1 (855) 933-2673, for any GoVIEW login issues.