If you are a foreign scholar who is interested in working with a UWG faculty member on a project, you may be eligible to participate in the university's Exchange Visitor Program, overseen by the U.S. Department of State. Ask the faculty member you're planning to work with to contact our office for information on the process of sponsoring a scholar. Visiting scholars enrich the cultural and academic life of the institution and are an important part of UWG's global picture.

Current J-Scholars

If you are a current J-Scholar, the information below is designed to help you maintain your visa status and get the most out of your program. Set up an appointment with the OEA office if you have any questions about your program.

Visiting J-Scholar Categories

Information on policies and guidelines based on your J-visa category

Check your email for other important reminders and updates from the EA office.

An important element of the J-program is cultural exchange, and our office wants to make sure you have access to a broad variety of events and opportunities to interact with American culture. The department you are working in will provide you with information about programming that they sponsor -- faculty research lectures, events by student organizations and other departmental gatherings -- but the resources below are intended to help you connect with the bigger university community. You will also receive email updates from our office about specific events that may be of particular interest to visiting scholars and international visitors.

Important Information

If you move to a new address while you are participating in your program at UWG, you must notify OEA within 7 days of the change so that your SEVIS record can be updated. Please also contact OEA if there are changes to your phone or email so that we have the most current way of reaching you.

If you or your J-2 dependents wish to travel outside of the U.S. during your participation in your program -- in other words, during the time that you are here in J status -- you will need to contact this office in order to get a "travel endorsement" on you DS 2019 prior to your departure. The travel endorsement is designed to ensure that J-program participants are fulfilling the requirements of their programs prior to allowing travel out of and re-entry to the U.S.

Contact OEA if you wish to make any changes to your program dates. We will need to verify that you are eligible to extend your program and, if you are, to make the updates to your SEVIS record.

J-program participants may only work in the U.S. in the specific position and for the specific department indicated on their DS 2019. Any additional work requires prior authorization from OEA.