ATTN: Early Childhood Education Candidates Entering Blocks I, II, III, for Fall 2017 (Carrollton Campus)  

Please review the appropriate block schedules below and choose which cohort you would prefer. When it is your time to register per the University's registration schedule, you should register for the corresponding CRN for the cohort you have chosen. If there is a course or courses within that block that you have already taken, please email your advisor for assistance in dropping those courses or you can drop the courses during the drop/add period at the beginning of the semester. NOTE: You will not immediately see your registration in the individual courses. You will automatically be moved into the individual courses at a later time. A seat will have been saved for you in those courses based on your registration for the cohort.


Fall 2017 ECED - Traditional Block Schedules - Block I - revised

Fall 2017 ECED - Dual Block Schedule - Block I

Fall 2017 ECED Block Schedule - Block II 

Fall 2017 ECED - Dual Block Schedule - Block II

Fall 2017 ECED Block Schedules - Block III - revised