Your advisement appointment can now be made through EAB Navigate

Advising is designed mainly to provide you academic guidance, so you can stay on track for graduation. Advising is not registration, and you should be advised for the classes prior to the date you actually register for classes. Being advised early is the smartest thing to do! Walk in appointments will not be accepted. You must reserve an appointment to be seen for advising.

If you are no-show for an appointment 2 times, you can no longer make another appointment. You must be seen on a walk-in day at the end of the semester. You are only allowed to schedule one appointment at a time. Once you have done this, the system will send you a reminder email and a text reminder with your appointment details. Please write down your appointment day and time.

Please notice that advising appointments are at least 15 minutes in length, therefore it is imperative that you be ON TIME for your appointment. Please look at the course offerings before coming to advisement if they are already posted. The listings can be found on the UWG home page under Academics, then Schedule of Classes. If the course listings are not posted, please review your account in Wolf Watch or the program sheet for your major. This will enable you to take a proactive role in your academic career and your appointment should go quickly.

If you would like to attend school somewhere other than UWG (transient), you must still be advised here and must be in good academic standing as defined by the Undergraduate Catalog (1.8 for freshmen, 1.9 for sophomores, 2.0 for juniors +). You must be in Good Academic Standing when the permission is granted AND when the student actually takes the course as a transient student the following semester. It is your responsibility to apply to the other institution and to check what classes they are offering for the upcoming term. A completed and signed transient permission form is required. The form can be found on the Registrar's webpage under forms. 

You will have an advisement hold, so therefore you MUST be advised prior to attempting to register.

We look forward to seeing you during advisement!!