Welcome to the Alumni Information Page!

Once you graduate from UWG, you will still have access to your Tk20 account until your entire 10-year subscription expires. If you decide to come back for another degree, you may still use your account for that degree. For example, if you earn a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education, then decide to come back for a Master's in Early Childhood, you can use your Tk20 account for as long as you're in school and for as long as your subscription is active. So both degrees might take 7 years to earn, and you've used your Tk20 account for the entire time. You would still have 3 years left on your Tk20 subscription at that point.

If you graduate and are not coming back to school, you'll need to contact Tk20@westga.edu to change your role in Tk20 to ALUMNI. This will allow you to log in through the outside portal at https://westga.tk20.com/campustoolshighered/start.do

FOR HELP WITH TK20: tk20@westga.edu