• Graduate Application
  • All applicants to the Ed.D. in Higher Education Administration must have a Master's degree or higher.
  • Cumulative GPA of 3.0 on all graduate coursework.
  • We also prefer 3-5 years of supervisory or budgetary full-time professional experience in a higher education setting.
  • Official transcripts from all schools attended, undergraduate and graduate.
  • Writing Sample: In 2-3 double spaced pages, discuss with references a current issue facing higher education.
  • Letter of intent articulating professional goals and reasons for applying to the program.
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • 3 Letters of Support from:
    • Previous faculty member
    • Direct supervisor
    • A reference of the applicant's choosing unrelated to the applicant
  • Interview with faculty

You can find information on the cost of the program by visiting the Office of Student Accounts and Billing and the tuition and fees site. Our semesters are 9 credits in the fall and spring, and 6 in the summer. In reviewing the different tuition costs, please review the "Graduate Online-NET" document for the EdD in Higher Education costs.

There is no out-of-state costs for this program as it is a fully online program and we are considered one of the most affordable programs in the country by bestvalueschools.org.

Once a year for fall admission.

When faculty create the courses, we recognize you are a full time employee. Additionally, the online component allows you to work at your on pace, which is more flexible than a residential program where you attend class three times a week. You could save you work for night, weekends, or mornings depending on what works best for you.

Currently, the plan of study will be set up so students are only taking two classes at a time with one class being full session and two classes being half session. This is designed to help students manage the courseload with only two classes at a time.

That is alright, we understand. Do you have anything that will demonstrate to us your writing ability? A work product, a professional paper, etc. If you are unsure, check with us! 

We are willing to work with students whose previous faculty may have retired and are no longer accessible. Is there someone who can speak to the same attributes as that faculty member would have? That should suffice. If not, reach out to us and we will work it out as well.

No the GRE is no longer required.

We review applications from a holistic perspective. We take into account all experiences, scores, and past grades. Our quantitative items do not serve as an exclusionary factor.

Considering the broad nature of higher education, any masters degree will meet this requirement.

Yes. The three years of experience can be met at the start of the program.

Ideally, your current or past work experience would be in Higher Education; however, the flexibility of this degree as well as the organizational and administrative focus does permit cross application from other professional experiences. All experiences will be reviewed by the admission committee.

Graduates of this program are not endorsed for full time faculty positions. The coursework and instructional experiences are not designed to prepare one for the faculty role. However, this is a terminal degree and would meet the criteria needed for a faculty position.

All courses are offered on-line through a Learning Management System that is supported 24-7. This allows unfettered access to the courses at anytime.

All of the courses are asynchronous.

Doctoral education, particularly the development of dissertations, is labor -intensive work. We only admit the maximum number of students we have resources to support.

All courses are delivered online. The only time you are required to be on campus is for the 2 1/2 day orientation prior to beginning the program.

Basic computer literacy, willingness to learn, and access to a computer and high-speed internet access is essential. If the computer does not have a built-in camera, one needs a camera and an integrated headset and microphone to participate in classes.

The program includes 2 years of coursework and about 1 year to work on the dissertation - the dissertation can be completed earlier than prescribed. You can find the plan of study and description of courses here.

For the most up-to-date and accurate cost information, visit the Office of Student Accounts and Billing Services office website for updates on graduate tuition and fees. Make sure you select the Graduate (online/net only) option.

For the most up-to-date plan of study please visit the Plan of Study and Course Descriptions page.

You can find information on applying by visiting the graduate school's admission page.