Dr. Dianne Hoff
Dr. Dianne Hoff, Dean of the College of Education

Welcome to the College of Education!

As Dean of the College of Education, I invite you to come discover the excitement and passion of being an educator! 

The College of Education at the University of West Georgia is among the Southeast’s largest and most respected sources of education professionals in all fields, including STEM education. With over 25,000 alumni, the College of Education has graduates in counseling, media, speech-language pathology, leadership, teaching, and sport management careers in an array of settings throughout the United States and around the world. Each year the College of Education graduates hundreds of newly certified teachers ready to enter K-12 classrooms, and it is also UWG’s largest source of graduate degree programs at the master’s, specialist, and doctoral levels. Many of these degrees can be earned on campus, at off-campus sites, and on-line.

The College’s faculty hold advanced degrees and contribute regularly to the advancement of knowledge through scholarly papers, presentations, articles, and books. Most are highly experienced teachers who know K-12 education from extensive experience.

Each graduate of the College of Education directly affects literally tens of thousands of lives over the course of their careers. The college therefore embraces seriously and enthusiastically its responsibility for preparing teachers, leaders, and other professionals to carry out important, life-transforming work. West Georgia graduates are prepared for exceptional professional practice in the world as it exists today and agile enough to respond effectively to the world as it changes over the course of their careers.

Whether you are seeking an undergraduate program that will prepare you for your first assignment, a certification/endorsement program that will expand and broaden your career, or a Masters, Specialist, or Doctoral degree to help you reach the apex of your field, you will find no better place to pursue this study than the College of Education at the University of West Georgia.

Come West!  Help us change the world!