The College of Education Early Learning Center at the University of West Georgia is a new endeavor aimed at developing a state-of-the-art early childhood site committed to becoming an early childhood research, practice, and policy hub as well as a place for regional community partnership, family engagement, and scholarly expertise.

Our four strategic goals  

  1. Supporting the community’s capacity for inclusive early childhood education and early care programs and supports.
  2. Modeling best-in-class educational practice and programming.
  3. Increasing family and community engagement and partnerships.
  4. Building collective expertise for innovation and comprehensive services.


Early Childhood Research Lab

Also housed on site is our Early Childhood Research Lab. An early childhood research team of more than twenty graduate and undergraduate students supports our grant-funded projects. These projects include training and support for educators and families, training for early childhood providers, program evaluation, practice-based coaching, and developmental screening of young children.


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Early Learning Center

Phone: 678-839-6563