Course of Study Sheet

Coursework builds upon and extends knowledge and skills previously developed.  The major areas of emphases are program evaluation, clinical and administrative  supervision, and advocacy.

  • Year One
    Year One

    Summer    CEPD  9171 Program Evaluation
                      CEPD  9184 Seminar I:  Professional Issues*

    Fall            CEPD  9183 Directed Doctoral Research
                      EDSI    9961 Quantitative Research*

    Spring       EDSI    9962 Qualitative Methods in School Improvement*
                      CEPD  9186 Internship*

  • Year Two
    Year Two

    Summer   CEPD  9199 Dissertation (3)
                     CEPD  9185 Seminar II:  Advocacy*

    Fall           CEPD  9187 Supervision
                     CEPD  9199 Dissertation (3)

    Spring     CEPD   9199 Dissertation (3)
                    CEPD   9186 Internship*