Program Description

The Ed.D. in Professional Counseling and Supervision is an applied doctorate with an emphasis on the application of knowledge through continued practice.  The program begins each summer with a cohort of 12 students.  The 36-hour program is completed in two years of continuous enrollment.  The program builds upon a strong foundation developed through previous graduate education, including  Master's and Specialist degrees in counseling, and professional experience.

  • Doctoral students learn to evaluate and improve programs and interventions in the context of their current work settings
  • Doctoral students gain experience in administrative supervision
  • Doctoral students develop their dissertations, evaluation studies, through embedded assignments across the curriculum
  • Doctoral students expand their capacity in leading advocacy efforts

Our Faculty

The counseling faculty in the Department of Communication Sciences and Professional Counseling are well-recognized at state, regional and national levels for their professionalism.  They consistently publish research and practice articles in peer reviewed journals, attend and present at state, regional and national conferences, and hold leadership positions in professional and honor societies.

Mission of the Program

The mission of the Professional Counseling and Supervision program (Ed.D) is to prepare counseling professionals to positively impact their clients and communities of service through effective practices and programs, leadership, and advocacy.