10 Good Reasons to Consider The University of West Georgia Doctor of School Improvement Degree

  1. High expectations of student work
  2. A place to focus the passion and importance of improving schools and student learning
  3. Instructors are full-time professors and scholars in their academic content areas 
  4. NCATE and SACS accredited
  5. The University of West Georgia has the benefit and assets of a actual university campus, with exceptional instructional resources provided by the state of Georgia
  6. Uniqueness of the program; the dissertation built into the course work, the ability to complete the degree in three years, and an opportunity to customize part of the degree
  7. A supportive cohort arrangement 
  8. Fourteen years of program existence to refine and improve quality, and dozens of successful alumni
  9. The convenience of completing an extremely cost effective degree in a totally online instructional delivery format 
  10. The level of engagement and support from professors and peers