Our mission is to develop educational professionals who initiate systemic and sustainable improvement in schools. Graduates will strategically and collaboratively plan, design, implement, and document the impact of educational improvements that promote and increase the academic achievement and social development of all students.

Our program is grounded in research knowledge and skills, teaching and learning processes, and a commitment to diversity. We are dedicated to instructional excellence, evidence-based practice, the integration of technology, the exploration and communication of new knowledge through applied research, and multi-faceted collaboration.

It is the goal of our program and its faculty that our graduates: 

  • are prepared to lead improvements in educational settings 
  • move schools and stakeholders in directions that promote and increase student learning and social development and ultimately benefit society
  • are able to influence others toward a shared commitment to a common purpose
  • understand and use the knowledge base on effective teaching and learning to initiate teacher development and school improvement
  • conduct research in school improvement and reform
  • engage in rational discussion informed by and grounded in the knowledge base

Our graduates serve in a wide variety of professional roles, including:

  • Teacher-leaders
  • Department and grade-level chairs
  • Principals and assistant principals 
  • Staff developers 
  • School Improvement specialists
  • Instructional supervisors 
  • Curriculum coordinators 
  • Central office personnel 
  • Superintendents (and assistant and associate) 
  • Government agency administrators or consultants 
  • Private consultants