The Innovations Lab is designed to provide a space for university faculty, students, and local educators to learn, use, and innovate emerging technology for use in the classroom and the community. 

Teacher with students

COE Student Resources

  • What can be checked out
    • Swivl’s
    • Ipad's
    • Laptops
    • Camcorders
    • Tripods
    •  Webcams
    • USB Microphones
    • Ring lights
  • Due Dates
    • Only one renewal per item
    • Items are checked out for one week from the day of check out.
      Ex: Checked out on a Friday, it's due the following Friday.
  • Fines
    • Fines are $1 per item each day past the due date

Featured Technology

  • Robotics/Coding
    • Sphero (Programmable Sphere Robot)
    • Lego WeDo (Lego Robotics)
    • Ozobot (Line/color reading robot)
    • Kebo (Early childhood block coding robot)
    • Edison (Small programmable robot)
    • Vex IQ (Buildable and programmable robot)
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
    Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality
    • Oculus Rift (Virtual Reality System)
    • HTC Vive (Virtual Reality System)
    • Merge Cube (Augmented Reality Cube)
    • Google Expeditions (Class set of connected VR Goggles)
    • Ricoh Theta (360 Camera)
    • Merge Goggles (VR goggles)
  • Teacher Tools
    Teacher Tools
    • Osmo (Interactive Educational Game System)
    • Raspberry Pi (Mini Programmable Computer)
    • Touchscreen Table (Touchscreen digital workspace)
    • Smart Kapp (Digitally shareable whiteboard)
  • Electronics
    • Makey Makey (programmable input tool)
    • Little Bits (Electronic Building Blocks)
    • Specdrums (Color sensing music maker)
    • Arduino (electronics kit)
  • Makerspace
    • Jellybox 3d Printer (Buildable 3D Printer)
    • Lego Wall (Wall mounted lego board)
    • Bloxels (Video Game Creator)
    • Maker Cart (Variety of maker tools)
    • Structure 3D Scanner (3D scanner system)


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