The University of West Georgia has three programs for K-12 educational leadership, each culminating in certification from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. 

Tier 1 Certification

Our Tier 1 Certification is considered entry-level and will prepare candidates for P-12 school level positions. This includes positions that are below the principal level, and for district positions that do not supervise principals. All interested candidates without leadership certification must start with this program. Our Tier One Certification program is earned completely online. Candidates must have completed master's (or higher degree) to be eligible for the Tier 1 Leadership Certification option. 

Tier 2 Programs

Both of our Tier 2 leadership programs are considered advanced. These programs are reserved for candidates in a leadership position who already hold the initial Tier 1 Certification. Students in Tier 2 programs can choose a Tier 2 Certificate Only option, or they can choose to pursue a Tier 2 Educational Specialist's Degree (Ed.S) 


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