The Office of Field Based Preparation (OFBP) provides a variety of field based opportunities in which candidates in the various certification programs observe, assist, instruct, and /or conduct research in academic settings defined by their programs.

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These experiences help to bridge the gap between theory and practice by presenting the candidates with firsthand matriculation in sites that have been carefully selected and monitored by the College of Education faculty and staff.

End of Semster Reminders: Fall Semester 2016

Cooperating Teachers complete in TK20:
Intern Teacher Keys
Lesson Observation Forms
Evaluation of the University Supervisor

Candidates/Interns complete in TK2:
Evaluation of the University Supervisor
Evaluation of the Cooperating Teacher 

Candidates/Interns who participated in the Beginning of School Experience:
Complete BSE documentation and submit to Univ. Supervisor
Supervisor will determine if requirements were met that will allow candidate/Intern to end the field experience early (Nov. 18, 2016)

Deadline for applying for a Spring Field Experience is December 1, 2016

COE Name Badges

A UWG College of Education name badge MUST be visible on your body at all times when you are at your school site. Administrators have been notified that candidates/interns should not be allowed on school property without the College of Education name badge. If you have misplaced your badge or if you are a first semester teacher candidate, you will need to acquire a badge from Auxiliary Services (the round building in the center of the campus). Your UWG ID badge will not be accepted as identification in the schools.