Program Information

The Bachelor of Science with a degree in Health and Community Wellness is a high quality undergraduate program connected to community needs in the health and wellness profession.

Program Descriptionhealth

The Health and Community Wellness program consists of 120 required credit hours and offers two concentrations built to prepare graduates for a diversity of occupations demanded by the recent explosion in the health industry. The structure of the program draws on foundational courses from existing majors (Health and Physical Education, Professional Counseling, and Special Education). Specialization is offered through student choice in concentrated study in either 1) Community Education and Care; or 2) Fitness and Wellness Leadership. The program of study is designed to expand career options and foster student success through these embedded concentrations.

  • The  Community Education and Care   concentration prepares students for careers such as rehabilitation case manager, therapeutic liaison, home health services coordinator, social services liaison, after-school program coordinator, social work assistant, child advocate, vocational rehabilitation facilitator, probation officer, and juvenile court liaison.
  • The Fitness and Wellness Leadership concentration prepares candidates for careers such as personal training, group fitness instructor, nutritionist, health coach, human resources employee wellness coordinator, and hospital wellness coordinator.