Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an environment where kids can access computer programming--conceptually and culturally--in a fun, informal environment, supported by experts and caring volunteers in the local community.

Our Vision

We envision our community as one in which kids and young adults engage in computing as creators and problem-solvers.


  • What Is uCode@UWG?

    uCode is a Saturday coding club where kids and young adults (aged 7-17) in the Carroll County community can come with parents or interested adults to grow their skills related to computer programming. uCode uses a mentoring model, whereby knowledgeable mentors are available for informal, just-in-time help as kids pursue a given programming quest. Kids 13 and older can come without the accompaniment of an adult.

  • Why Offer uCode?

    We live in a technology-saturated world. Many of us use desktop, laptop, or handheld computers on a daily basis. The apps, websites, and programs on these devices allow us to do many things: schedule our lives, check the weather, map a route from Point A to Point B, count calories, listen to music, collaborate with friends and colleagues,etc. We have become skilled consumers of the technology. The current generation of computer users is growing up with well-designed, glossy apps and programs. At uCode, we like well-designed programs. However, we believe that kids need to understand that all software is part of the human-built world, which is why we've adopted the motto, "Build your world." Software (e.g., apps, programs, websites, etc.) is designed in response to problems people face. The ability to program and code, then, is the ability to solve specific kinds of problems in our society.

    Through uCode, we hope to spark kids' interest in, awareness of, and access to computer programming. We agree with the recent idea that in order to fully participate in life, citizens across disciplines need to be able to use computational thinking to solve problems. uCode@UWG seeks to aid in connecting kids with this type of problem solving.

  • Where Does uCode Take Place?

    All uCode events take place on the University of West Georgia campus in the Education Center. Education Center, Rooms 2 and 3 (first floor) 1601 Maple Street Carrollton, GA 30118 Parking is in Tyus Hall Lot across the street from the Education Center. See the Campus Maps Online, and This Helpful Map with Commentary [JPG].