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  • About

    Do you love to design?

    Are you passionate about technology?

    Do you want to use technology to build a better community?

    If so, we want you to join us to develop mobile web applications that promote or support your community. You don’t have to have any coding experience. In this Hackathon you will have the opportunity to learn developing mobile web applications. There will be a workshop that introduces you to the software App Lab. You will be working with a team to implement your own application with App Lab from scratch. Teamwork is a great way to meet other students who are passionate about technology. Professional mentors will be onsite to help you.

    The event is open to every student of age 13-17. If you are older but still in High School, that is okay as well. Bring a laptop (if possible), an open mindset, creativity, and a lot of enthusiasm! We provide the rest.


    The Hackathon will take place March 18, 2017, 10am-4pm, at the Education Center (Room 1-2) on the UWG Campus. Below is the tentative schedule:

    • 10am-10:15am - Registration and Greeting
    • 10:15an-10:30am - Opening talks
    • 10:30am-10:45am - Forming teams
    • 10:45am - Code start
    • 11am-11:20am - App Lab workshop I (optional)
    • 11:30am-11:40am - App Lab Workshop II (optional)
    • 12pm-1pm - Lunch
    • 2:45pm - Code stop
    • 2:45pm-3:00pm - Setup for demonstrations
    • 3pm-4pm - Demonstrations and awards ceremony
    • What is a Hackathon ?

      A hackathon is a marathon where teams of students design and build a real application within a very short time-frame. The participants do not need to have already any technical skills, like programming experience, before the hackathon. Instead, they learn from each other and from mentors at the event.

    • Who can participate?

      Everybody age 13 to 17 can participate. If you are older but still in High School, that is okay as well.

    • Do I need to be part of a team?

      If you know other students, you can team up already before the Hackathon. But you can also join a team onsite. A team should consist of 2-4 students. Working on your own is strongly discouraged.

    • What if I can’t code?

      That is not a problem. We will provide a workshop to get you started. We also recommend that you go through the posted App Lab tutorials (see the tab "Getting Ready"). Throughout the entire event, there will be professional mentors to help you code. Note that every team needs not only programmers, but also members that design and market your team’s web application.

    • What do I need to bring?

      Bring a laptop, an open mindset, creativity, and a lot of enthusiasm. If you don’t have a laptop, you can request a free loaner laptop in your registration form. We will provide expert mentors, a short workshop to get you started, WiFi, and lunch.

    • How can I prepare before the Hackathon?

      We will use App Lab to create web applications. Before the Hackathon, you should go through tutorials that we have posted under the tab "Getting Ready" to familiarize yourself with the software.

    • Can I implement any app?

      At the beginning of the Hackathon, we give you a theme for the app to develop, but you will decide on the design and functionality of your app.

    • How do I register?

      Your parents have to register you online. Check out the Registration tab above for details.

  • Registration
    Sorry, the Hackathon is now full

    However, you may use the registration form to be on our waiting list. 

    Registration Payment

    What is the cost? $4 per individual / $10 per team (limit 4/team)
    Whom do I write the check to?  "UWG-COE"
    Where do I mail the check?

    Jessica Wilson
    Education Annex, Room 164
    University of West Georgia
    1601 Mape St
    Carrollton, GA 30118

    What else?  Please, reference your child or children in the memo line so we know whose registrations it pertains to.

  • Getting Ready
    What you need to bring

    You need to bring a laptop. We also recommend that you bring a mouse and a power cord for your laptop. Your laptop does not need any special software, except for a web browser. SInce we will use App Lab for the Hackathon, you should double-check that App Lab is working on your laptop. App Lab is a browser-based development environment. 

    If you don’t have a laptop, you can request a free loaner laptop in your registration form.

    What you need to prepare

    You should familiarize yourself with App Lab before the Hackathon. App Lab is a free browser-based software developed and maintained by You can find the best resources and great tutorials on the App Lab website itself. We recommend that you watch at least the following video tutorials from that site:

    This introductory video gets you started with the creation of a very simple App:

    This advanced tutorial guides you through the implementation of a more complex app:

    In this video you learn how to implement a fun game that is very similar to the game called whack-a-mole:

    This video tutorial is a very good and comprehensive overview over the App Lab programming environment:

    It is hard to learn programming without getting your hands dirty. We recommend that try out App Lab yourself. To do so, you need to create an AppLab account:

    1. Go to App Lab.
    2. Click “Sign in” in the top right corner.
    3. Click on “Create an account”.
    4. Fill in all the fields with your information. (Gender is not required)
    5. When finished, click “Sign up”.
  • Awards

    This Hackathon is about learning app development and having fun while doing so! While we believe that collaboration is more important than competition, we would like to recognize outstanding work in different categories. In order to qualify for an award

    • your app must have been implemented using App Lab.
    • your app must reside on your assigned team account.
    • your app must address one of the given themes of the Hackathon.
    • you must have demonstrated your app at the demo session of the Hackathon.

    The judges will make their decision based on your demonstration. Show off what you have done at the demo! Otherwise, the judges will not know about it. We strongly encourage every team to participate in the demo at the end, even if you could not implement or complete your app. Just share your experience. Everybody has a contribution to make from which your fellow developers can learn!

    There are four awards, one for each category. A team can only win one award.

    Computing Excellence Award
    What we consider: back-end implementation (functionality, robustness, completeness)
    What we would say about the winning app: “We am impressed with what this app can do!”

    Best Design Award
    What we consider: front-end design (visual appearance, user-interface, graphics)
    What we would say about the winning app: “This app looks awesome and is so easy to use!”

    Highest Impact Award
    What we consider: impact on the community (addresses best the given theme, geared towards target users)
    What we would say about the winning app: “This app will make a difference in our community!”

    Best Pitch Award
    What we consider: marketing skills (clear communication, enthusiasm, persuasiveness)
    What we would say about the winning team: “We want you on our marketing team!”

We would like to thank all our funding sponsors:
The Walmart Community Foundation
The UWG Fusion Center / College of Education
The UWG College of Science and Mathematics