Will I graduate with a complete degree in science or mathematics and be able to go into a science/math profession if I decide not to purse teaching? 

Yes! A graduate from UTeach West Georgia will be able to pursue professional options or graduate programs in the content major or in education. 

What makes UTeach West Georgia different from other teacher preparation programs? 

From the very first course, UTeach offers students the opportunity to teach in school classrooms.Students get the chance to see if teaching is right for them while still pursing a full degree in science or math. The close and constant support by master teachers, mentor teachers, and UWG faculty provides help that no other program on campus can match. Completing all the coursework in four years with two pathways makes a great value!  

Do UTeach courses meet all the state requirements for teaching? 

Yes! The program of study is approved by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

May I enter the UTeach West Georgia Program if I am not a freshman? 

Yes! UTeach has Program of Study modifications for students entering after their freshman year. Your academic advisor in the College of Education can help you develop a program of study. 

Who can I receive support from?
  • Master Teachers are outstanding, experienced teachers recruited from secondary schools. They teach courses and coordinate real-life teaching experiences for UTeach students. Master teachers mentor UTeach students from their entrance into the program through graduation.
  • Mentor teachers are excellent school teachers currently working in K-12 classrooms. UTeach West Georgia has 90+ mentor teachers! Now that is support! Mentor teachers assist UTeach students on lesson planning, teaching strategies, and classroom management. 
  • UWG UTeach Faculty
  • UTeach Staff
  • Graduate Assistants
  • Noyce Scholars and Interns
  • UTeach Co-Directors
  • Fellow UTeach Students