UWGLive Simulations is an innovative way of assisting educators, school leaders, counselors, and other professionals in challenges they may face in their profession. UWGLive uses state of the art technology to create an immersive mixed-reality enviroment for participants to practice and master certain skills in their ever-changing workplace. 

The UWGLive Simulations creates a virtual classroom with five very different students.  Each student has their own distinct personality based on Long's Adolescent Psychological Profile. It is up to the participant to get to know and learn about the students. Each session is unique and personal because the students do not remember past sessions.

This program features an upper elementary classroom, a middle school classroom, and an inclusion classroom that features children with learning and behavior disabilities. Adult virtual environments are also available wherein the participant can interact with a parent, teacher, principal, or other professional. This program is so versatile it can be adjusted to meet various professional settings such as office spaces, conference rooms and service settings. 

The students and adults are completely unique in every way. They do not represent every student or adult a teacher or counselor may face in their years within the school system but their personalities are representative of what is found in a typical classroom or school environment. Each child and adult has an extensive back story and the more the participant uses UWGLive Simulations the more they will know about each child and adult.

View the gallery below to take a look inside the UWGLive Lab.

  • Classroom Observation Area
  • Conference Room
  • Elementary Classroom
  • Participants in the Simulation Area
  • Teacher Break Room
  • View of Simulation Area