UWG's 6th Annual S.T.E.M. Competition

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    What is UWG's 6th Annual S.T.E.M. Competition?

    Competition Theme:      S.T.E.M. Goes Medieval

    Middle and high schools are invited to send a maximum of 2 teams that consist of 5 students per team. These students' names will need to be identified on the registration form. A teacher sponsor must be present with their team throughout the event. 

    What will students learn at UWG's 6th Annual S.T.E.M. Competition?

    Your Team will be involved in: 

    • Design and Engineering
    • Communication Skills
    • Technology Applications
    • Laboratory Skills
    • Problem Solving Skills
  • Location

    When and where will UWG's 6th Annual S.T.E.M. Competition be held?

    When:        November 16th, 2019

    Time:          8:00am to 5:00pm

    Place:        University of West Georgia’s Carrollton Campus

                       College of Education – Education Center

  • Apply

    How do I sign up for UWG's 6th Annual S.T.E.M. Competition?

    Registration for STEM Competition is now closed.
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    Questions or Concerns?

    Please contact us at fusioncenter@westga.edu with any additional questions or concerns regarding S.T.E.M. Competition.