Create your own experience and select two courses from a list of course options. One course will meet in the morning and the other will meet in the afternoon throughout the month of June.  Each course is 3 credit hours for a total of 6 credit hours of Honors course credit.   

Course Offerings for Georgia Scholars’ Institute

Students will select one course from each list.

Morning Options

  • ENGL 1101 English Composition 1
  • PHIL 2030 Introduction to Ethics
  • POLS 1101 American Government
  • ECON 2105 Principles of Macroeconomics

Afternoon Options

  • HIST 2111 US History 1 (to 1865)
  • FILM 2080 Introduction to the Art of Film
  • PSYC 1101 Introduction to Psychology
  • ASTR 2313 Astronomy

*Course options are subject to change