Mission Statement

The Graduate School provides strategic leadership and advocacy for an innovative educational and professional experience by taking a collaborative approach to support graduate students, faculty, and staff.

Strategic Plan

Student Success

The Graduate School seeks to foster and encourage students to develop interests, talents, passions, and skills within their degree program of choice—both in and out of the classroom.

  • The Graduate School works with specialists across campus to support focused, quality programming and enrichment activities that address the diverse needs of UWG’s graduate student population.
  • The Graduate School provides services that help students progress in a timely manner to graduation.

Academic Success

As our graduate students progress through their specific programs, the Graduate School is committed to providing avenues through which our students can best succeed and grow as professionals.

  • The Graduate School works with colleges across the institution to provide data and information as they develop recruitment plans and propose or revise programs.
  • The Graduate School is committed to providing opportunities and resources for scholarship and research for graduate students.

Partnership Success

The Graduate School promotes a culture of innovation and collaboration that fosters mutually beneficial relationships between internal and external partners.

  • The Graduate School builds and cultivates relationships with campus partners to develop programming and resources for graduate students, faculty, and staff.
  • The Graduate School works to expand university and community awareness of the value and impact of graduate studies.

Operational Success

The Graduate School develops and advocates for efficient administrative and communicative processes that recognize the unique needs of graduate students.

  • The Graduate School implements and upholds consistent policies and procedures that reflect university values and support academic programs.
  • The Graduate School is committed to continuous improvement through assessment of student and faculty needs.