Graduate Assistants and Graduate Research Assistants, under the direction of the hiring department, are expected to render part-time service to the department in which the appointment is held. Graduate Assistants and Graduate Research Assistants are not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week on campus. Graduate Assistants and Graduate Research Assistants should report to his/her department chair for their work assignments unless otherwise specified at the time of hire.

The remainder of the GA's/GRA's time is to be devoted to study in candidacy for a graduate degree. Nine (9) hours is full-time for graduate students. GAs and GRAs needing to take less than 9 hours during a given term must submit a Student Workload Form (PDF, 287K); each section of the form must be completed for approval. GAs and GRAs who do not carry full course loads during their enrollment at the University of West Georgia should not expect to graduate with in the minimum time period for completion of their programs.

The GPA and amount of enrolled hours is checked for each GRA/GA/TA throughout the semester. Students should enroll in and complete at least 9 hours of course work for fall and spring semesters and 6 hours of course work for summer semester, or the equivalent.

Please be aware that you cannot be employed as a Graduate Research Assistant if you have been convicted of a felony anywhere, unless that felony has been expunged from your records by way of the "First Offender Act" of some state or a pardon.