Honors students can "convert" most regular courses into Honors credit by completing a contract with the supervising instructor. 

This contract modifies the course syllabus for the Honors student and typically includes extra assignments, papers, or projects. Any additions or alterations to the course syllabus for Honors credit are at the complete discretion of the instructor of the course.

Some departments have additional policies regarding Honors contracts. Also, instructors have the right to refuse to allow Honors contracts for their courses. Additionally, based on departmental or Honors College policies, the following courses cannot be converted to Honors credit:

  • ENGL 1101 and ENGL 1102
  • MATH 1001 and MATH 1111
  • Any 1001 or 1002 Foreign Language
  • HIST 1111 and 1112
  • HIST 2111 and 2112
  • PSYC 1030

To complete a contract to convert a regular course for Honors credit, students should follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Read the Honors Contract Policies (PDF)
  2. Consult with your instructor about converting the course for honors credit.
  3. If your professor agrees to the conversion, work with your professor to determine the extra/different work that will be required to receive Honors credit as well as the percentage of your course grade the work will represent (both are required in the contract).
  4. Complete the Honors Course Conversion Application located here: https://westga.infoready4.com/
  5. Once you submit the application, it will be routed to your professor and his/her department chair for approval, and then to the dean of the Honors College for final approval.

Deadline: Applications must be submitted by the end of the second week of the semester.

Honors Conversions are processed at the end of the term after grades have been submitted. The Registrar will update the course title on the student’s record to reflect Honors credit.

Students CANNOT UN-CONVERT courses if the contract has been submitted to the Honors College and processed by the Registrar’s Office.