If you wish to be a transient student during a semester, you should tell your advisor at the time of your advisement appointment. This type of advisement is no different from advisement you would receive if you were to be a student at UWG.

However, there is some paperwork that must be filled out in order for you to receive credit at UWG for the classes you take elsewhere. There are also certain conditions that must be met by you as the student in order for you to receive credit for classes taken at another institution. All transient permission forms MUST be approved by the Dean's Office. Your advisor will have copies of these transient permission forms on Honors College letterhead, and they will be filled out at the time you come for advisement. Please refer to this Transient Status Permission Form for further information on being a transient student.

If you wish to request permission to become a transient student, please complete the appropriate part of this document and take it to your advising appointment.