Honors College Community Engagement

The UWG Honors College will provide a variety of community engagement options each fall and spring semester to assist students in fulfilling their community engagement requirement.

A list of opportunities will be provided to students at the beginning of each semester through the following formats:

  • Honors Student Listserv
  • OrgSync. OrgSync is an online community that will help students stay connected to campus and manage their involvement experiences.
  • Students will receive an email at the beginning of the semester inviting them to become a member of the Honors College Portal within OrgSync. The email will explain how to search for volunteer opportunities and sign up for events.
  • An overview of how to use OrgSync will be provided to the students via email as an attachment and made available on the Honors College Website.

Students must sign up for the events through OrgSync a week in advance, and the events are first come first serve.

Students may participate in other volunteer service opportunities based on interests, career choice, passion, and/or availability. If selecting a project or working with an organization that is not included in the list below, please seek approval from the Honors College before volunteering for that organization.

Additional Volunteer Opportunities

Below is a list of other volunteer service opportunities offered through various organizations and categorized into continuous healthcare, mentoring & tutoring, and anytime volunteer opportunities. Each of these opportunities is coordinated by the individual contact person referenced in the organizational information. To volunteer in one of these organizations, please note the following:

  • It is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements with the organization by contacting the person listed in the organization details
  • Participation in this event is strictly voluntary. When signing up for the event, the participant is assuming the risks associated with the particular activity and transportation to, during, and from the event.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to make transportation arrangements to and from the event.
  • Students volunteering service for any of these organizations must manually input their volunteer service hours through Org Sync. Before credit is received for the hours of participation, the Center for Student Involvement Office will contact the organization to confirm participation and validate the hours attended.
  • Students must complete a short reflection summary of their volunteer service by the end of the semester. The Community Service Project Reflection Summary Form is available within OrgSync under the Honors College portal. The reflection will help students gain a greater understanding of their roles in the community, as well as the impact of their contributions towards those in need of service.