The Institute for Faculty Excellence (IFE) offers a variety of workshops for any area of academic success. Let us know if there is a new topic that you want to learn about. Contact us if you are interested in scheduling a workshop as a group or one-on-one session.

Email the IFE at for topics that are not currently offered.

All students benefit from more transparent courses, especially when applying the transparent assignment framework to the instructions for your assignments (Winkelmes, Boye, & Tapp, 2019; Winkelmes et al., 2016). Join this session to explore just one powerful part of Transparency in Learning & Teaching (TILT).
Engaging in peer reviews of colleagues’ online courses requires some upfront training, but the benefits for you and your colleagues—and students—are worth the investment of time. Based on Chickering and Gamson's seven principles, this workshop walks through objective methods and strategies for reviewing peers effectively and efficiently.
Designing formative and summative assessments that help students develop their skills and demonstrate their knowledge is a key component of good course design. In this workshop, we will explore strategies for ensuring that the assessments in your online course are meaningful and engaging.
In this thirty-minute workshop, the IFE’s instructional designers will highlight some of CourseDen’s features that can help make communication, collaboration, and interactive learning easier. Feel free to come with questions about specific CourseDen or teaching ideas you’d like to see come to life.
Creativity is a teachable skill that helps students prepare for challenges and problem-solving in the real world by thinking from a new perspective. Useful across disciplines, creativity provides students with opportunities to develop innovative solutions. This workshop offers tips and strategies to promote creative thinking skills that build knowledge through classroom engagement and meaningful interactions.
Do you know that on average, less than 40% of students across campus fill out end-of-semester course evaluations? Student Evaluations of Instruction for full-term Fall 2021 classes open on Friday, November 19 at midnight. Pop into this thirty-minute session to chat with the IFE team about strategies for not only increasing your response rates but also guiding students toward substantive, constructive feedback that you can use to inform your teaching practices.
Feeling lost with a starting place on setting measurable teaching goals? Maybe the vision of your ideal classroom does not quite match throughout the semester? A Google search of “how to be an effective teacher” has 568,000,000 results. This 90-minute workshop with the IFE’s instructional designers will guide you through getting started on where to focus your energy. We will be exploring the Teaching Effectiveness Framework, developed by Colorado State University, and how to create a personalized action plan to document your teaching.
This introductory workshop familiarizes the individuals seeking external funding opportunities to how to customize “GrantForward and” to their key word interests and receive the relevant funding opportunities directly to their email, regularly.
This introductory workshop provides basics of grants and contracts vs. donations, advantages of each and disadvantage of each as well as provide the when to start and how to start a proposal and where to apply/submit their proposals.
This introductory workshop provides tools on developing whitepapers for all types of backgrounds and the advantages of submitting whitepapers or quad-chart vs. a full proposal. 
This briefing will familiarize the PIs of the externally funded projects with the federally mandated requirements and the IRB process at UWG.
This briefing is for individual interested to conduct joint research or partnership with international entities, are seeking federal funding, and need to be briefed about federal regulations.
During this workshop the PIs will receive briefings about the requirements of their awards as well as financial tools and requirements available at UWG.
This briefing/workshop is for individuals interested in submitting proposals through the electronic Research Administration (eRA) at UWG which will be implemented during FY23. CAYUSE allows tracking the internal approval, generating reports, and allow access to the post-award budget data.
The Ombuds Office and the Institute for Faculty Excellence (IFE) have developed a short, online asynchronous course that prompts faculty to reflect on their teaching dispositions and ways of communicating with students. The course offers strategies and resources that will assist faculty who would like to learn more about mitigating conflects with students, even when tensions run high. Faculty who complete the course will earn a certificate of completion to document participation in a student success activity.


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