Innovations in Pedagogy

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Innovations in Pedagogy is open to all faculty at the University of West Georgia.

Innovations 2024


Tuesday, May 14

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The University of West Georgia's Innovations in Pedagogy Conference facilitates engaging conversations about best practices in teaching and learning - and provides a forum for sharing ideas across disciplinary boundaries.

Themes at Innovations in Pedagogy

  • facilitating a connection between the classroom and workplace

  • coordinating activities that have students connect with the community

  • designing activities that encourage critical analysis

  • fostering student reflection on their coursework

  • implementing technology to engage students

  • incorporating High Impact Practices

  • engaging the senses to deepen learning

  • strategies for reflective teaching

  • strategies for coping with/avoiding burnout and reducing anxiety (for students and/or instructors)

  • collaborating with faculty/staff across UWG

  • any other evidence-based teaching practices you might be working on or wanting to share!

Conference Session Types


A 60-minute session by an individual or small team with active audience engagement. Presenter(s) should aim to help colleagues learn concepts, develop skills, or create materials for use in their courses. 


A 60-minute session by a panel of presenters (up to 5) on a particular topic. A moderator facilitates an interactive discussion between panel members and the audience. 


A pre-recorded 20-minute session by 1–3 presenters sharing a teaching strategy/ practice or research into a teaching practice with 10 minutes of live Q&A.


A pre-recorded 10-minute session in which a presenter shares a simple, effective strategy for engaging students. 

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