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Inclusive and Equity-minded Pedagogy

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Trauma-Informed Pedagogy

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Student Motivation

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Classroom Climate

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Instructional Strategies

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Feedback & Assessment

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Curriculum / Curricular Alignment

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Pedagogical Content Knowledge

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The Institute for Faculty Excellence library is open for all faculty to browse and borrow books for professional development. We keep multiple copies of most books in the library. Please note that the numbers are not always up to date.

View the IFE Library spreadsheet

The IFE Team's Top 7 Books


The TEF (Teaching Effectiveness Framework) is a toolkit developed by The Institute for Learning and Teaching at Colorado State University. The TEF also serves as a resource and consultation model for guided inquiry into pedagogy. It is composed of seven domains of practice for all classroom modalities. At the University of West Georgia, the Institute for Faculty Excellence incorporates the TEF as a workshop and guide on connecting development resources with teaching goals.


MomentumU@USG is a virtual professional development space for USG faculty and staff supporting the Momentum Approach to student success. Content and events are developed and maintained by the USG Office of Faculty Development in partnership with USG faculty, institutional centers for teaching excellence, and other academic partners across the system.

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Online Instruction Time Calculator

Use this web-based calculator to determine the total number of minutes of online instruction and supporting activities that are necessary for an online course based upon credit hours and percentage online.

UWG Instructional Time Calculator

The following items are teaching and classroom supplies usually available in the IFE office. Please note that the list does not indicate we have everything available.

  • Dry erase markers (black, red, blue, green)
  • White board erasers
  • Post-it Easel notepads
  • Notepad markers
  • USB webcams
  • USB microphones
  • USB headsets
  • Notecards