Advising international students can be challenging yet extremely rewarding. The advising process will be most successful if the advisor asks many questions, takes time to become acquainted with the student and her/his situation, and encourages the student to utilize the multitude of resources available at UWG.

  • Credit Hour Requirements
    Credit Hour Requirements

    In order to maintain legal status in the United States, international students must adhere to the following credit requirements: 

    • Undergraduates: 12 credit hour minimum
    • Graduates: 9 credit hour minimum

    Violation of this rule can result in falling out of status and deportation. There are a few exceptions for students, but they are very rare and must be approved by USCIS. If you feel your student needs an exception, have them come to the ISAP office and we can discuss their options with them. 

    The most common exceptions are: 

    • Medical- due to an illness. Pregnancy will not count as a medical excuse. 
    • Language barrier (can only be used their first semester)
    • Placement in inappropriate course level
    • Credits needed to graduate will be exceeded. (final semester only)
  • Academic Background
    Academic Background

    International students admitted to UWG are academically strong and accustomed to academic success. However, adapting to the American college life may prove to be a little diffcult at first. 

    • Some universitities require students to attend classes 8am - 5pm, so the student may not be accustomed to so much time out of class. 
    • Many other countries do not have core classes or elective requirements. Explaining the idea behind these types of classes may help them understand why they need to take them. 
    • Academic integrity is a cultural concept. Definitions of cheating a plagiarism are culturally dependent. International students may struggle with these issues, as sharing work or copying an expert's work may not be considered cheating in their country. 
  • Not All Students are Degree-Seeking 
    Not All Students are Degree-Seeking 

    UWG has exchange partnerships with many different universitites all over the world. It is likely that you will come in contact with a J-1 visa student who is studying in the US for either a semester or a year. Contact Education Abroad office for help with their schedules.