Graduation Checklist 

  • Final Semester
      • Meet with your academic advisor to verify degree requirements and completion date.
      • In your final semester only, if you don't need full-time enrollment, submit the RCL form
      • Apply for graduation with the Registrar's Office through MyUWG. 
  • 2-3 Months before graduation: 
    • If friends and family are visiting the US to attend your graduation ceremony, they will need to apply for a B2 Visitor from the US Embassy or Consulate closest to them. If needed, request an visa support letter. See below. 
    • Apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT), if you are planning to work in the US after graduation.
  • 1 month before graduation. 
      • If you will be moving, notify your landlor or housing office that you will be vacating the apartment. Most leases required 30-days written notice. Check your lease for details. 
      • Pay any fines you may have and return all loaned or rented books.
      • Contact your health insurance, car insurance, and life insurance companies to discuss coverage options and whether you need to close the account. 
International Visitor Visa Support Letter

To support the B1 Visitor Visa application of family, relatives or friends who may want to travel to the U.S. to see you graduate, you may want to request a support letter to confirm your graduation on their behalf. The UWG Registrar offers such letters free of charge. 

Email: Include your full name and 917 number. You can also request the letter in person at the Registrar's office. 

What Should Your Visitors Prepare?

It will be very important for your visitors to demonstrate permanent strong ties to their home country for visa approval. They should be prepared to document the following if asked at the time of the applciation: 

  • property ownership (home or business)
  • bank loans in the home country
  • utility bills (power, water, phone, internet)
  • ownership of a personal vehicle (registration, insurance etc.. reflecting the home country address)
  • bank statements

Grace Period After Program Completion

All F1 and J1 students who are in active status are automatically granted a certain number of days (Grace Periods) after the completion of their academic programs during which they can remain in the U.S without further action.  Note that completion of program is not the same as graduation day. Refer to the date on your form I-20 or DS-2019. 

Grace Periods
  • F1 Students: 60 days after completion of program
  • J1 Students: 30 days after completion of program
  • Transfer to a new school or program
  • Begin a new program of study at the same or different school, or at a higher degree level
  • Change of Status  ex:  F1 > PR; F1 > H1-B
  • Apply for OPT
  • Depart the U.S.  
International Travel During Grace Period

You are advised that departure from the US during a grace period without prior action to maintain status may constitute abadonment of status. You cannot re-enter the US in that case. Contact ISAP about your travel plans before making them, if your grace period is an issue.