Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19)

What is it? 
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  • Coronaviruses (CoV) are a family of viruses that cause illness with cold and flu-like symptoms. 
  • Novel or "new" means, not previously identified in humans.  Corona, or "crown" refers to the genetic shape of the virus at the microscopic level. 19 refers to the year in which the virus emerged. 

Latest Updates 

Protect Yourself

Emerging UWG Student Questions

Summary of Updates and Guidance - See the ISAP April 2020 Newsletter

I signed up for a Study Abroad program. Is it cancelled? What should I do? 
All Education Abroad progams for Spring and Summer 2020 are cancelled. Contact the UWG Office of Education Abroad for details. 

How long will U.S. and other travel restrictions last?
Unknown.  In the U.S. the Secretary of State and the President will advise whether the restrictions continue, change, or end. Refer to: 

I may need to stay in the U.S. depsite campus closure. What are my options? 
UWG's Housing and Residence Life can authorize extended stays and support to students with prior approval if you have no other options, on an individual basis.  For 24/7 contact with HRL, contact ResStart at:  678-839-4718

I am feeling very nervous about this. What should I do? 
We encourage you to reach out to counselors or friends to talk about your feelings. There is no need for panic. Call:  678-839-6428. 

Can I return to my home country now and finish my classes online?
Yes. For the remainder of the health threat, full-time online / remote computer based instruction is authorized. There are no special forms, requests or processes to follow.

What about my immigration status if I leave the U.S.? 
As long as you maintain full-time enrollment, your F1 status will be protected during Spring semester. 

I need a travel signature or replacement I-20 or DS-2019
SEVP has temporarilty authorized schools to scan and email these forms, including scanned DSO signatures. Just contact us with your request.