Frequently Asked Nursing Questions

A: Advisors provide course recommendations that will keep you on track for graduation and ensure you are completing the necessary requirements to be eligible to apply to the Nursing Program.
A: Once a student has earned 24 credit hours in Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) core coursework, he or she must have a program GPA of 2.5 or higher to continue in the major of Focus Area Health Professions.
A: The program GPA is calculated using all attempts of core courses that are required in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Course withdrawals are not included in this calculation. If any of the applicable courses have been repeated, all attempts are included in this calculation; excluding withdrawal.
A: Students who do not meet a 2.5 program GPA after 24 hours are earned may not continue in the Focus Area Health Profession major and must choose another major by the end of that semester or will automatically be changed to a major in Social and Behavioral Health.
A: No. Nursing school admission is based on Program GPA, HESI score, and admission bonuses. The admissions committee does not consider withdrawals for admission.
A: Admission to the pre-licensure BSN Program occurs once each year in the summer.
A: Admission to the RN to BSN program occurs once each year in the fall.
A: Once Anatomy and Physiology I have been completed. Ensure that you follow the HESI Entrance Exam registration process on our website, especially to test using the UWG Distance Testing ID.
A: We do not require a minimum HESI score for admission. However, we encourage students to obtain a HESI score in the mid-to-upper 80s.
A: The minimum program GPA for admission is 3.0. Homegrown UWG students are encouraged to have a 3.5 or higher program GPA, and transfer students are encouraged to have a 3.7 or higher.
A: The application period for admission ends February 1st. Students will receive communication to their UWG email address around beginning to mid-April informing them of their admission decision.
A: There is only one application for the BSN Program. When completing their application, students will list their program of first choice. If a student is admitted, their program of first choice is taken into consideration.
A: Students are encouraged very early on to begin preparing for admission. If admitted, students will need to budget $3,000 for out-of-pocket expenses related to Nursing School. More information regarding the breakdown of those expenses can be found in the BSN Handbook (link).
A: Yes. Students will need reliable transportation to make it to class and clinical sites once they are admitted to the program.
A: Continuing Education through UWG offers the CNA Program. More information can be found here.
A: No. Students must apply to the University of West Georgia, and also apply to the BSNProgram through a separate application and during the window of the specific admission cycle.