Pictured: Dr. Chris Johnson

Dr. Chris Johnson

Dean of the Richards College of Business


Pictured: Dr. Oliver Duah

Dr. Oliver Duah

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs & Assistant Professor


Pictured: Dr. Pamela Dunagan

Dr. Pamela Dunagan

Associate Professor


Pictured: Dr. Lisa Hesser

Dr. Lisa Hesser

Assistant Professor


Pictured: Dr. Katie Morales

Dr. Katie Morales

Student Success Coordinator & Associate Professor


Pictured: Dr. Denise Morris

Dr. Denise Morris

Assistant Professor


Pictured: Stephanie Richards

Stephanie Richards

Administrative Manager


Pictured: Ashleigh Yeager

Ashleigh Yeager

Experiential Learning Center Nurse Educator


Pictured: Dr. Benjamin Camp

Dr. Benjamin Camp

Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Quality Officer for Tanner Health System


Pictured: Jim Griffith

Jim Griffith

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Strategy Officer for Tanner Health System