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    The University of West Georgia is accredited by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

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    Students with majors in other disciplines may complete a Minor in Anthropology. The Anthropology Minor requires 18 hours of Anthropology that consists of the following courses courses and then 12 hours at the 3000-4000 level (students are only required to take one of the following: ANTH-2001, ANTH-2002, ANTH-1105):

    • ANTH-1102 - Introduction to Anthropology

      A four-subfield introduction to the analysis and explanation of cultural similarities and differences. Discoveries, theories, problems, and debates on issues of fundamental importance to the understanding of human nature, society, and behavior.

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    • ANTH-1105 - Introduction to Physical Anthropology

      An examination of humans from biological and evolutionary perspectives. Topics of survey and analysis include systems of human and non-human inheritance and evolution, primatology, origins, variation and adaptation, forensic anthropology, and interactions between biology and culture.

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    • ANTH-2001 - Introduction to Archaeology

      Survey of Archaeology as a subfield of Anthropology. Content includes basic theoretical concepts, analytic methods, and interpretive models of scientific archaeology. Specific concerns include reconstruction of cultural systems and their adaptive patterns through recovery and analysis of material remains.

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    • ANTH-2002 - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

      A broad ethnographic introduction to the customs and behaviors of people in several cultures. This class will examine a diverse range of contemporary cultures and explore different social structures, belief systems, and adaptations through exemplary case studies in the subfield of Cultural Anthropology.

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