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    The University of West Georgia is accredited by The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

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    Students pursuing a BS Degree in Geography with a concentration in Geographic Information Systems may not earn the minor. For GEOG-4554, GEOG-4562, GEOG-4086, and GEOG-4564, only one course is required.

    • GEOG-3563 - Remote Sensing and GIS Integration

      This course introduces the principles of remote sensing and explores the practical integration of remote sensing with geographic information systems.

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    • GEOG-4553 - Geographic Information System

      An introduction to the use of Geographic Information Systems, including GIS theory, data input, spatial analysis, and final output.

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    • GEOG-4562 - Airphoto Interpretation and Photogrammetry

      Study on airphoto interpretation and photogrammetry. Topics include digital airphotos, correcting airphoto distortions, orthophoto generation, stereoscopy and DEM generation, airphoto interpretation techniques, and mapping with airphotos.

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    • GEOG-4564 - Contemporary Remote Sensing Applications

      This course applies remote sensing techniques to contemporary topics like image classification, LiDAR, natural resources, urbanization, water, or climate. Students will learn how to process remote sensing data and will develop remote sensing application projects.

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    • GEOG-4753 - Contemporary GIS Applications

      This course focuses on principles, methods, and applications of GIS technologies. It emphasizes hands-on opportunities to learn technical skills and best practices. Students will learn how to process different types of GIS data and will develop an individual project to design, implement and run GIS models.

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