Qualtrics Login

UWG's Qualtrics is currently housed on the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) webpage. You can log in using your UWG single sign-on credentials. Please note, your UWG credentials will not allow you to log in on qualtrics.com. UWG has their own Qualtrics sign-in page, so that your single sign-on username and password will allow you access to the University's license at no cost to you. 

Need to initialize your account?

If you have never used or signed into the UWG Qualtrics site, you will first need to initialize your account. After you complete the initialization process, you will be able to log in using your UWG username and password, and begin using the software.

Here are the steps you will take to initiate your account:

1. Go to UWG's Qualtrics page housed on ORSP's web page- https://www.westga.edu/academics/research/orsp/qualtrics.php

 2. Click the red rectangle that says "Qualtrics". 

 3. Sign in using your UWG credentials; the first part of your UWG email and your password you use to sign into your UWG email account.

 4. You will be asked if you have a Qualtrics account already, and you will select no.

 5. Agree to the terms, and your account is initiated. 

 If you have any questions or issues with Qualtrics, contact the Brand Administrator, Nikki Gage (dgage@westga.edu).

Qualtrics Video Tutorials

Please note, some of the interfaces, buttons, and locations of features in the videos do not match UWG's Qualtrics. If you have any questions about where to find these features, contact Nikki Gage (dgage@westga.edu).

Beginners Qualtrics Training

Advanced Qualtrics Training

Advanced Qualtrics Techniques

More Qualtrics Tutorials

Visit the YouTube channel linked below for more Qualtrics tutorials!

Qualtrics Tutorials