Qualtrics Portal

UWG Qualtrics Login Portal Here

What is Qualtrics?

The University of West Georgia has obtained a site license for the Qualtrics survey system which is available to all UWG faculty, staff, and students at no cost. This software is available to support teaching, academic research, and institutional business.

Why Use Qualtrics?
  • The IRB requires that, with few exceptions, investigators use Qualtrics for all new web-based surveys.
  • Qualtrics meets University Data Security Standards.  This is not necessarily the case with other survey software or websites.
  • Qualtrics is intuitive, flexible, and quick to set up.

To Log In To Qualtrics:

You must use the UWG Portal (above) to log in.  You should be able to log in through this portal with your westga.edu credentials.  If you have problems logging in, contact UWG's Qualtrics Brand Administrator at pre-award@westga.edu.

Your username will be the first half of your westga.edu email address, and password is the same as your email. Qualtrics is on a single sign-on system.  If you change your email password, your Qualtrics password will also change.

Using Qualtrics:

For information on how to use Qualtrics to create surveys, Qualtrics Academy has excellent, quick tutorial videos at https://www.qualtrics.com/support/

More questions? Try these solutions (PDF).  For more assistance, contact the Brand Administrator.