Students are expected to secure internship positions independently. You may take advantage of campus resources housed in Career Services, search Handshake or contact our network of industry partners directly.

In order to receive course credit for your internship, you must be enrolled in COMM 4486. All internship sites must be approved by the internship coordinator in order to be considered for course credit. Submit your request for your internship to become an approved site here.

If you have been offered a paid internship, you are encouraged to explore college credit opportunities with Career Services. However, it is important to note that such credit will not count toward mass communications degree requirements.

Because you have not completed fundamental courses in the discipline, be sure that your employer is willing to provide training. If you have been offered an unpaid internship, be sure that your employer is in compliance with all state and federal labor laws as it relates to unpaid internships.

The internship course is designed to track and assess your performance. While the majority of your time will be spent on the internship site, you may be required to complete additional class assignments that will help you to reflect on your internship experience.

Your performance will be graded as Satisfactory (S) or Unsatisfactory (U) based on a combination of your Supervisor Internship Evaluation and performance on class assignments.

To earn a Satisfactory, you will be required to achieve a minimum of 3.0/5.0 average on your Supervisor Internship Evaluation, and a minimum of 70 on class assignments. Preview the Supervisor Intern Evaluation form here.

Note that S & U indicates that credit has been given for completion of a degree requirement and does not count toward or against your GPA (see Undergraduate Catalog).

To get your internship site approved, your employer will need to submit the Internship Site Approval Form. You may provide them with the following link or suggest that they visit this page. 

Yes. You may enroll in COMM 4486 prior to securing an internship. However, you must secure an internship from the approved list of internship site by the first day of class. If your internship site is not on this list, you may request a review for it to become an approved site.

Yes. However, only three credit hours of COMM 4486-Internship may count toward your degree requirements. This may be an option if your internship spans more than one semester, or if you wish to document each your internship on your transcript.

Yes, as long as at least 50% of your internship hours are completed within the start and end dates of a given semester. However, you must enroll by the semester’s drop/add deadline.

If you have concerns about your assigned duties or other issues at your internship site, please contact your internship coordinator.