Three professionally dressed individuals conversing in lobby areaOften one of the first steps in the job-hunting journey is to attend a networking session of industry professionals.

In these sessions, you will have a chance to interact with people who hold the kind of positions you someday hope to have. Additionally, the people who attend these functions are often a part of the hiring process themselves, so this is a real opportunity for you! You should arrive prepared. Research the organizations that will be present. Develop your elevator pitch. Then, go make those connections! Your goal is to get contact information so you can follow up with them personally. You might even get an interview offer! Networking sessions can be face-to-face or (especially now!) virtual. Further, don't forget about the potential that social media sites like LinkedIn provide for networking on a daily basis.

Check out the links below about how to develop your elevator pitch and network successfully in various formats.

Elevator Pitch: