The School of Communication, Film and Media boasts five state-of-the-art, student-run experiential learning labs that offer hands-on experiences in the areas of newswriting and reporting, public relations, radio production and television news production. Students are encouraged to explore ongoing training, volunteer and practicum opportunities. 

  • bluestone


    bluestone Public Relations Firm, Humanities, Room 103

    New student-managed public relations firm provides a host of service-learning projects for non-profit, private and public sector clients.  Projects span strategic communication research and planning, media relations, image and brand management, and social/digital strategy development. Check out the all-new client services office.

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    Contact: Hazel Cole (

  • The West Georgian

    The West Georgian, University Community Center, Room 109

    Student-managed campus newspaper provides award-winning campus and community news.  Weekly publications and online editions give students solid experience in general and specialty news writing and reporting, photojournalism, and layout and design. Visit the action newsroom.

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    Contact: John Sewell (

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  • WOLF Radio

    WOLF Radio, Anthropology, Room G7

    Student-managed, cutting-edge radio station features student-produced shows, including music, news, and sports programming, for a global audience.  Students consistently earn high internship ratings from the professionals who often comment that the students teach them.  Explore the newly-renovated sports, production, guest and main studios.

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    Contact: Shawn Isaacs (

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  • WUTV

    WUTV, Education Center, Room 132

    Student-managed, high-definition television station provides educational, informational and entertainment programming, including a weekly newscast and other student-produced programs, for the campus and local community. Tour the newly-upgraded control room, edit suites and studio.

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    Contact: Sonya Barnes (

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    • Convergent Learning Center, Anthropology, Lower-level

      New multimedia instructional and student workspaces feature high-tech Mac classroom, edit suites, studio, radio suite, audio suite and equipment center.