In 2000, the University System of Georgia (USG) verified that USG institutions enrolled a low percentage of African-American males in comparison to the percentage of African-American males in the population. For example, within the USG, African-American females out-numbered African-American males two to one (28,000 to 14,000) even though the percentage of African-American males and females in the population was about the same. A similar situation exists in almost every University System in the country.

In response, the USG developed an initiative aimed at identifying barriers to the participation of African-American males in University System of Georgia colleges and universities. The end result was the African-American Male Initiative (AAMI). The initiative focuses on the retention, progression, and graduation (RPG) of African-American males at USG institutions.

The University of West Georgia (UWG) has been associated with the University System of Georgia African-American Male Initiative (AAMI) since 2002. Enrollments for new African-American male freshmen have increased significantly during the past several years. However, retaining and graduating African-American males continues to be an important issue for UWG and other USG institutions; which causes us to continue making this initiative an important priority. Data from AAMI Academic Transition Programs (AAMI-FYP's), which are also known as learning communities, demonstrate the effectiveness of AAMI. Therefore, UWG's commitment to AAMI and its effectiveness remains strong. Our goal is to increase RPG rates for African-American males and all students matriculating here. With hard work and dedication, we believe all students deciding to COME WEST can graduate!