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The Multicultural Achievement Program is here to ensure academic success for every student attending UWG.

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What is MAP?

The Multicultural Achievement Program (MAP) is an academic support program that provides various resources that contribute to the improvement of retention, graduation and progression of underrepresented populations. MAP seeks to enhance the personal and unique UWG experience by providing programs and services that promote academic success.



In 1984, the Minority Academic Awards held its inaugural awards program. This program name changed in later years to the Multicultural Achievement Academic Awards.  

In 1992, West Georgia College adopted the Minority Achievement Program, now known as the Multicultural Achievement Program. MAP provides mentoring and recognition of academic achievement for underrepresented students. MAP designed by the University System of Georgia Initiative during this year.

Over the years, MAP has evolved to support the growing population of UWG. MAP has developed strategies that promote student achievement, prepared students for global competitiveness and created communities of belonging.

Mentoring & CRLA

The MAP (Multicultural Achievement Program) Mentoring program provides mentors to first year minority students. MAP Mentors serve as big brothers and big sisters to minority freshmen to help them make a successful transition to college life. Primarily, MAP mentors motivate minority freshmen to succeed academically and socially at West Georgia. MAP mentors are trained upperclassmen students paired with approximately 5 minority freshmen.

What can a MAP Mentor do for me?

MAP Mentors are exceptional student leaders who have excelled academically. They are also student experts on campus minority and multicultural programming trained to orient new students with such programming. They are aware of student organizations, events, and services with a minority and multicultural student focus. MAP Mentors are also trained to be culturally sensitive to students with different backgrounds.

CRLA Certifications

DMA mentors are Certified by the College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA).

  • Benefits of Certification: International Mentor Training Certification (IMTPC) provide professionals with the opportunity to create, improve, and expand mentor training for a campus’ unique programs.CRLA-certified programs demonstrate high standards:
    • Certification provides recognition and positive reinforcement for mentors’ successful work;
    • Certification sets professional standards of skill and training for mentors
    • Certified mentors learn and demonstrate transferable skills

Certified CRLA Level 1 Mentors:

Congratulations to the following MAP Mentors for achieving Mentor certification for CRLA for 2019-2020:

  • Christina Agyepong
  • Oddessy Allen
  • Gary Florence
  • Alan Owens
  • Tyran McKnight
  • Courtney Pauls-Washington
  • Brian Terry
  • Maya Ferguson

Meet our Mentor Leaders!

Mentor’s play a crucial role in the start of your journey here connecting you to UWG.

ShawntillBusiness Major
JordanPsychology Major
FaithNursing Major
DanielPsychology Major
CarsynPolitical Science Major
HajabPsychology Major
GaryBusiness Major
OddessyPsychology Major
JasmineNursing Major
DemoinesSocial & Behavioral Health Major

What are the Multicultural Achievement Awards?

The Multicultural Academic Achievement Award is a UWG tradition that has been around since the mid 80’s to honor minority and international students for their academic achievement. Each year more than 500 students attend the annual recognition ceremony. Our students set the standard for high-level achievement and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to accomplishing their goals at UWG. Over the years a few additional awards have been added to this celebration such as the ACE Awards given to the junior and senior with the highest GPA, and the Academic Excellence Awards to juniors and seniors with a 3.75 or higher. During the ceremony the Helena Harbridge International Student-Athlete Award is also presented, recognizing the international student-athlete with the best combination of athletic performance, classroom achievement, team work, team spirit, and community involvement.

MAP Awards Eligibility

  • Must be enrolled for Spring semester of awards program
  • Must identify as undergraduate minority or international student
  • Overall GPA hours must be a 3.3 or higher
  • Must be present to receive specialty awards and RSVP to attend
  • ALL criteria must be met in order to be MAP Award eligible

Keynote Speaker Tradition 

Each year the keynote speaker is an UWG alumni that has excelled in their field. Some past speakers have been Jeffrey E. Turner (Chief of Police for Clayton County Police Department), Dr. Bette Ford (pediatric resident at Morehouse School of Medicine), and Gyla González (Co-founder of Latinos United of Carroll County, Inc.). If you are interested in being considered as a future keynote speaker, contact our office.

2020 MAP Awards Recipients



Director: Ashley Leggett

Location: Row Hall, East Wing, Room 204

Phone: (678) 839-5400