XIDS 2301 Introduction to Global Studies 3 hrs.

Examination of global issues, the individual’s role in the global society and the events that shape our world. Topics and themes include global issues such as food and population, the spread of disease, human rights, sustainable development, empowerment of women, indigenous peoples, causes of poverty, ecological degradation, and migration. The course may include a field trip. Satisfies Area E of the core.

GLOB 4000 Capstone Seminar 3hrs.

Prerequisite: XIDS 2301, senior status, and consent of instructor.
This capstone seminar is designed to integrate the various experiences of students in their interdisciplinary endeavors. Depending on the particular academic tracks students have chosen as part of their program of study and relevant study abroad experiences, both of which will be represented in the portfolios students will bring to this class, specific aspects of globalization will be examined at an advanced level. Themes include population, health and food production; sustainable social and economic development; the global environment and natural resources utilization; human rights; work with displaced populations; empowerment of women, indigenous people, and children; education; culture; as well as aspects of the development of moral judgment and social consciousness as they pertain to globalization processes.

GLOB 4186 Internship in Global Studies var. 1-9

Prerequisite: XIDS 2301 and instructor’s approval.
Students may receive academic credit for personal experience in the field of global studies. Credit hours apply toward the major.

GLOB 4981 Directed Readings in Global Studies var. 1-3

Prerequisite: XIDS 2301, junior or senior standing, and instructor’s permission.
In-depth, individualized research on specific global problems and issues.

GLOB 4985 Problems in Global Studies 3/0/3

Prerequisite: XIDS 2301
Specialized areas of analysis in a sub-field of global studies with the specific titles announced in the class schedule and entered in the students’ transcripts. Students may repeat the course for credit as topics change.