Non-profit Research and Educational Center

Focus on World and American Democratic Institutions


Sponsor educational and research activities that promote a knowledge and understanding of popular participation in governing.


  • Conferences,  Seminars, and Colloquiums
  • Publish Works Related to Democracy
  • Sponsor Speakers

The Center for Future Democracy is a non-profit 501(3)(a) organization that attempts to create a public interest in the study of democratic institutions of government.  It is non-partisan and does not advocate legislation.  It sponsors research and other activities on topics that impact the public's well-being.  Its membership includes, academics,  government officials, students, and other interested individuals.

East Coast Office:  

Dr. Sal Peralta
Department of Political Science
University of West Georgia
1601 Maple Street
Carrollton, Georgia 30118
Phone: 678-839-4993

West Coast Office:  

Center for Future Democracy 
16015 Mullein Circle  
Fountain Valley, CA 927 08