The department has twelve goals which are closely related to its mission and those of the College and University:

  • To recruit and retain the best qualified faculty.
  • To recruit and retain highly competent students as majors.
  • To enhance course content by the use of appropriate technologies.
  • To enhance faculty technology skills.
  • To enhance faculty advising skills.
  • To enhance degree programs by incorporation of appropriate course work.
  • To participate in interdisciplinary programs involving women’s studies, global studies, American studies, international economics, Africana studies, and environmental studies.
  • To offer an adequate number of writing-across the curriculum courses for majors.
  • To create new knowledge regarding political science and planning by supporting faculty research.
  • To fund faculty participation in conferences and workshops relevant to their research.
  • To enhance the Murphy Center for Public Service in its mission to assist government officials in carrying out their duties.
  • To increase political participation in the United States by improving students’ understanding of the American and Georgia political systems.

The Department of Political Science aligns its strategic goals with those of the University of West Georgia and the College of Social Sciences.  Political Science makes a substantial contribution to the life and direction of UWG through its undergraduate and graduate degrees as well as the service of teaching American Government, POLS 1101, a required course in Georgia for all students. 

The Department makes its commitment to the following values:

  • Understanding of the basic processes underlying governments in the world, historically and today
  • Analyzing ethical constructs in human interaction, with particular emphasis on government-citizen and citizen-citizen interactions
  • Building skills and knowledge among students to be active and engaged citizens
  • Appreciating diversity in all its forms as a central element of democratic society
  • Analysis of governments and their operation
  • Awareness of an ever-more-interdependent global world
  • Commitment to building peaceful resolution to conflict through governmental processes and means

The faculty of the Political Science Department are dedicated to excellent teaching and are engaged in scholarly pursuits.  Faculty members in the department have regularly received awards for teaching and advising excellence.  Furthermore, the faculty serve their disciplines through reviewing manuscripts for journal articles and books in their field prior to publication as part of one of academia’s core concepts: peer review.

Department faculty achieved an excellent record of publishing their research in peer-reviewed articles, monographs and books as well as presenting research in progress at international, national and regional conferences in their fields.  Faculty serve on editorial boards of several research journals and have been officers in numerous professional associations.  Moreover, through consultation and workshops under the auspices of the American Democracy Project and Murphy Center for Public Service, the faculty provide assistance to local governments and non-profit organizations in the region to improve their ability to prepare comprehensive plans and to deliver services to citizens.